About Us

Trilogy was founded with a vision:

to change the mycotoxin
testing industry.

Advanced mycotoxin testing techniques, including lateral flow qualitative test kits and ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays) quantitative test kits, offer unparalleled efficiency in delivering prompt in-house results. However, a significant challenge faced by these rapid methods lies in effectively processing and purifying the matrix interferences to ensure accurate determination of potential toxin concentrations. This obstacle poses a considerable dilemma for both end users and manufacturers alike.

The founders of Trilogy identified a crucial demand within the mycotoxin industry: the necessity for expeditious turnaround of results while adhering to reference methods within a quality-driven analytical setting.

Trilogy set out on a mission to revolutionize the conventional blueprint of analytical mycotoxin testing, which had long been burdened by extended result turnaround times, excessively high costs per analysis, and a lack of effective communication with clients. Recognizing the need for an alternative approach, the founders of Trilogy set out to build sample management process that placed the customer at the forefront of every step. Quick and efficient sample processing lies at the core of Trilogy's overarching mission.

Trilogy firmly believes that everyone deserves to have access to the most accurate data available, accompanied by the ability to easily interpret the information provided to them. Analytical laboratories face a significant challenge in delivering analytical results that don't require deciphering. By providing easy-to-understand results, customers are able to make informed decisions with ease based on the information presented to them.

There shouldn't be anything complicated about it. Through relevant resources, education, a consultative environment partnered with a collaborative outlook, our team offers realistic solutions to evolving challenges for our customers.


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Our People

The key to Trilogy's continued success is that we hire great people.

Our Leaders

Carrie Maune

President & CEO, Co-Founder

Jordon Bierbaum

Vice-President of Operations

Julie Brunkhorst

Vice-President Technical Division

Ryan Malone

Vice-President Business Development