Trilogy Releases Ochratoxin A in Ground Coffee Quality Control Material

Press Release: 7/28/2022

For Immediate Release

Trilogy eager to announce the addition of a naturally-contaminated ground coffee containing Ochratoxin A to their line of Quality Control Materials.

“Studies dating back to 1995 have shown that Ochratoxin A found in coffee beans elutes into the brewed coffee even through the roasting process. Trilogy has always held the utmost care for testing mycotoxins effectively and accurately. Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world and we are pleased to provide another tool to accurately test for Ochratoxin A,” says Jordon Bierbaum, Trilogy Vice-President of Operations.

 The new quality control material is naturally-contaminated with the mycotoxin Ochratoxin A. It is a ready-to-use training tool, ideal for method comparisons, method validations, intra laboratory comparisons, inter laboratory comparisons, method bias indicators, verification of laboratory performance and method troubleshooting.

About Trilogy

Trilogy is a food and feed safety laboratory specializing in mycotoxins, mycotoxin binder analysis, biogenic amines and animal drug residue testing. Trilogy Analytical Laboratory opened its doors in 1999 when its founders recognized a need in the mycotoxin industry for quick result turn-around utilizing reliable reference methods provided in an analytical setting. One of the main pillars of Trilogy’s strategy is to operate using a comprehensive quality program that we can rely on to ensure performance parameters are met every single time. From this philosophy the Trilogy line of quality products was born with the mycotoxin industry in mind.

Media Contact: Lynette Hischier,