5μg/mL Citrinin in ethanol


5μg/mL Citrinin in ethanol

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Calibrant containing Citrinin at a concentration of 5μg/mL in Ethanol and packaged in 5mL volume.

Liquid: Ready-to-use in a liquid presentation.
In situ: Provided in a dried state and ready for reconstitution with the recommended solvent and volume.

Analytical standards are prepared under the scope of accreditation in Trilogy’s ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory. Methodologies used for value assignment include spectrophotometry, HPLC and/or LC-MS/MS technology depending on the analyte of interest.

Mycotoxin: Citrinin
Volume: 5 mL
Vial: Chemically-treated amber borosilicate glass vial.
Storage: Product must be stored at 8°C or lower in the original amber glass vial. Promptly and tightly replace cap after use.

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