Mycotoxin management solutions that go from planting through production.

We pride ourselves on helping companies achieve their quality goals through analytical services, quality-ensuring products, custom services, and quality counseling.

Our testing services, line of laboratory products and tools, and quality counseling services are part of a quality management system that we refer to as QualiT Solutions.

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Analytical Services

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QualiT™ Products

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QualiT™ Consulting

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QualiT Products

Over the years, we have developed quality-oriented tools and products for in-house use in our own mycotoxin laboratory. Recognizing that many companies conduct in-house testing, we began distributing these tools to help ensure result-assurance, regardless of the method used.

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Quality Control Materials

Quality Control Materials are essential for maintaining method quality. Customizable to specific commodities and analytes, they ensure robust, reliable testing and provide confidence in the results generated from your method.

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Certified Reference Materials

Certified Reference Materials are essential for method development and method validation. They provide robust statistical analysis and metrological traceability, ensuring confidence and trust in results of chosen testing methods.

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QualiT Pure™ Cleanup Columns

Trilogy QualiT™ Pure Cleanup Columns use solid phase extraction to help remove impurities from extracted samples, enhancing the accuracy of mycotoxin analysis by providing cleaner samples for more reliable mycotoxin results.

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Laboratory Equipment

The Trilogy Rock-It 360 is an orbital tabletop laboratory sample shaker designed for rapid extraction procedures, including ELISA or Lateral Flow, and supports various analytical technologies for efficient and reliable test results.

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Analytical Standards

Analytical standards fortify laboratory samples when naturally contaminated materials aren’t available, helping measure matrix effects and toxin recovery. They are cost-effective for daily calibration curves and versatile, often available in liquid or in situ forms.

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Certified Reference Standards

Certified Reference Standards offer a robust statistical evaluation of analyte values with complete metrological traceability. They include a practical representation of uncertainty, ensuring reliable and accurate measurements for high-level standards.

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Analytical Services

When we opened Trilogy 25 years ago, our goal was to help fill a gap in the food safety market with a dependable mycotoxin testing laboratory that offered quick result turnaround. Today, Trilogy is a leader in the mycotoxin testing industry, setting quality standards and benchmarks as a reference laboratory. By fostering partnerships with our customers, we have become an internationally recognized analytical mycotoxin testing laboratory, providing accredited services globally. 

Single Mycotoxin Assays

Single Mycotoxin Assays

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While it's common for mycotoxin compounds to co-occur in a single sample, there are instances where it's appropriate and reasonable to test for a single mycotoxin.

Group Mycotoxin Assays

Group Mycotoxin Assays

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Mycotoxins often co-occur and have synergistic effects on health. Analyzing groups of mycotoxin analytes provides a comprehensive screen, ensuring product quality assurance.

Low Detection Limit Mycotoxin Assays

Low Detection Limit Mycotoxin Assays

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Low limit mycotoxin detection is crucial for meeting stringent regulatory standards, exporting to countries with strict limits, and ensuring the safety of products for vulnerable end-users.

Additional Testing Services

  • Mycotoxin Binder Efficiency Studies
  • Ergot Alkaloid Analysis
  • Biogenic Amines Analysis
  • Veterinary Drug Residues

QualiT Consulting

We offer QualiT™ Counseling services to customers across the food and feed industry. From phone-based method troubleshooting to in-person training workshops, we aim to partner with companies to build custom, airtight quality plans.

No-charge consulting services

  • On-site or virtual training workshops
  • Method troubleshooting assistance
  • Sample preparation guidance
  • Technician troubleshooting
  • Result explanation
  • Risk mitigation
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