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Along with our inventoried reference materials, Trilogy Analytical also provides custom reference material services. Allow us to custom blend a specific level or matrix that fits your company’s unique testing needs.

Mycotoxins can be found in any grain based product, for testing purposes some of these products can be difficult to properly purify an extract to ensure accurate results. With a customized reference material, your analysts will be better trained on matrices that relate specifically to your business. We can even produce a reference material with supplied product from your company.

Mycotoxin Reference Materials to meet your specific needs!

Our inventory list will reflect mycotoxin levels along GIPSA guidelines for test kit manufacturers, these levels are quite common within the industry but may not meet your specific needs. Allow us to blend a level that is more suitable to your testing needs. We can blend either single toxin materials or multiple toxins within the same product.

For all customized materials we will need to know the matrix, mycotoxins required, mycotoxin concentration targets, and quantity of material. Depending on the blend we may require a minimum purchase of material before we produce the reference material.

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