Trilogy’s Puritox Columns are formulated and designed to provide optimum sample extract purification prior to the analyses of mycotoxins by HPLC, GC/MS, LC-MS/MS, and TLC methods. Puritox Colums utilize an easy to use one-step purification format that allows you to quickly purify even the most complex matrices.

Sample preparation is both the most important and time consuming steps in the analysis process, by using SPE technology Puritox Columns radically reduce the time needed to prepare samples for analysis and provide superior clean-up versus other methods. Trilogy Puritox Columns radically reduce analysis costs by eliminating the need of costly immunoaffinity columns. Shelf life has been extended as compared to immunoaffinity columns and the need for cold column storage has also been eliminated. All Trilogy columns have been tested and proven to reduce costs and increase sample throughput in our own laboratory.

The Puritox line of columns includes several products that have been specially designed and tested for the analysis of some of the most commonly tested for and regulated mycotoxins. Each column lot has been tested and confirmed to meet our strict specifications and a Certificate of Analysis accompanies each package of columns.

Our Mycotoxin Purification Products

TC-M160 Multi-Mycotoxin Column

TC-M160 Multi-Toxin ColumnThis multipurpose column is designed to meet multiple chromatography requirements with one quick and easy purification step.

Each column can simultaneously purify extracts containing aflatoxin, zearalenone, and trichothecenes including DON. These columns maximize testing dollars by screening for multiple toxins with one column.

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TC-F120 Fumonisin Column

The Puritox TC-F120 Fumonisin Columns are utilized for the cleanup of grains prior to HPLC analysis. The TC-F120 is a gravity flow column which should be used with a vacuum enhanced gravity drain. The large reservoir allows for the addition of increased volumes of extract to be placed on the column.
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TC-T220 Trichothecenes Column

TC-T220 Trichothecenes ColumnThe Puritox TC-T220 T-2 Toxin Column is designed specifically for the detection of T-2 Toxin by HPLC. The T-2 Toxin column is easy to use and will quickly purify many matrices.
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TC-C210 Trichothecenes Plus Column

TC-C210 Trichothecenes Plus ColumnThe Puritox TC-C210 Trichothecenes Plus Columns can be used as a cleanup for Trichothecenes, including DON prior to GC/HPLC/TLC methodology. This column can also be used in conjunction with other purification columns to enhance the cleanup of complex matrices.
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TC-MS3000 Column

TC-MS3000 ColumnThe TC-MS3000 Column is a solid phase extraction column designed specifically for use with LC-MS/MS analytical procedures. This column has been tested and approved for the application of purifying multiple-mycotoxins with a single extraction. Mycotoxins included: Aflatoxins, Deoxynivalenol, Fumonisins, Ochratoxin A, T-2 Toxin, HT-2 Toxin, and Zearalenone. The TC-MS3000 is far more economical than immune-affinity columns and produces similar clean-up efficiencies, saving you time and money!
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