Being an important part of quality assurance, proficiency testing measures the analytical performance of laboratories. This enables you to compare and monitor your performance against other laboratories, and demonstrate your precision of analysis to involved parties.

Proficiency testing (PT; similar to inter-laboratory comparison or ring trial) is a measure to ensure that your laboratory produces accurate results. Regular participation in proficiency testing programs is required for laboratories that want to comply with international standards such as ISO/IEC 17025. Trilogy Analytical Laboratories in India offers laboratories the possibility to participate in proficiency tests.

Trilogy Lab

As an ISO approved PT provider, Trilogy India, designs and manages all aspects of proficiency testing. Trilogy takes pride in the production of the highest quality proficiency testing items enabling each participant to accurately evaluate their performance.

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Upcoming Proficiency Test Rounds

Round CodeAnalyteMatrixSample Size (approx.)Registration DeadlineDispatch Date (approx.)Round Information
01-NC-DOCOR-18DeoxynivalenolCorn100 gSept 20, 2018Sept 24, 2018
01-ABMIP-18AntibioticsMilk Powder10 gNov 1, 2018Nov 5, 2018
01-OCCOF-18Ochratoxin ACoffee50 gNov 15, 2018Nov 19, 2018
02-NC-AFMIP-18AflatoxinMilk Powder50 gDec 6, 2018Dec 10, 2018