Multiple Mycotoxin Proficiency Testing

Multiple Mycotoxin Proficiency Testing

Multiple Mycotoxin Proficiency Testing

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Proficiency Test round for the analysis of multiple mycotoxins in corn and dried distillers grains (DDG). This Trilogy Proficiency Testing Round begins on October 9, 2023 (week 41).

Proficiency testing is a proven tool for monitoring, securing and improving the analytical, physical, microbiological and sampling qualities of an organization.

Total Aflatoxin, Aflatoxin B1, Aflatoxin B2, Aflatoxin G1, Aflatoxin G2, Ochratoxin A, Deoxynivalenol, Zearalenone, T-2 Toxin, HT-2 Toxin, Total T-2/HT-2 Toxin, Total Fumonisin, Fumonisin B1, and Fumonisin B2

Matrix: Soy Hulls and Wheat
Sample Weight:
100 g
Store in original packaging at or below 8°C.

PT Round:
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After purchasing Proficiency Test Round(s) Trilogy will contact you with additional information and instructions.

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