Certified Reference Standards are an integral part in analytical laboratory verification. CRMs are used for method development and optimization, calibration curves and method validation.

Trilogy Analytical Laboratory produces ISO 17034:2016 Certified Reference Standards that are accompianed with an appropiate Certificate of Analysis including metrologic traceability. Each Certified Reference Standard CoA and can also be found online here.  For pricing information or to place an order please contact us today.

ISO 17034:2016 Certificate

Need a copy of our ISO 17034 certificate?

Certified Reference Standards

Product No.DescriptionQtyCOA Order
CTSL-131-510 µg/ml Aflatoxin B1 in Acetonitrile 5 mLExpandOrder now
CTSL-1012-510 µg/ml Aflatoxin B2 in Acetonitrile 5 mLExpandOrder now
CTSL-1013-510 µg/ml Aflatoxin G1 in Acetonitrile 5 mLExpandOrder now
CTSL-1014-510 µg/ml Aflatoxin G2 in Acetonitrile 5 mLExpandOrder now
CTSL-383-525 µg/ml Deoxynivalenol in Methanol5 mLExpandOrder now
CTSL-422-510 µg/ml Zearalenone in Methanol5 mLExpandOrder now
CTSL-520-55 µg/ml Ochratoxin A in Methanol5 mLExpandOrder now