Matrix Based PT – RM – Presence/absence of processed animal proteins in pig feed

A Proficiency Test (PT) Reference Material represents an agricultural product be contaminated with processed animal proteins (PAPs), prepared in the Trilogy Europe production facility.

This Proficiency Test (PT) Reference Material A is suitable for the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 51/2013 of 16 January 2013 amending Regulation (EC) No 152/2009 as regards the methods of analysis for the determination of constituents of animal origin for the official control of feed.

This material must be examined for the presence/ absence of constituents of animal origin

  • Presence / absence
  • Positive (>5 particles; >LOD), suspected (1-5 parts; ≤ LOD) and negative (absence; 0)

A distinction is made between terrestrial and fish origin.

This PT Reference Materials are conveniently packaged as 50g quantities. This product is a Proficiency Testing Reference Material, not a Certified Reference Material.


  • Presence or absence of processed animal proteins (PAPs)
  • The presence or absence of processed animal proteins (PAPs) are derived from the PT homogeneity study or proficiency testing round.

Certificate of Analysis