A Naturally contaminated Quality Control Material containing Deoxynivalenol in a barley matrix and homogenized to a 100% through 30 mesh, 0.595mm consistency. Material packaged in 100g resealable foil packs.

Product Number: TR-D100

Deoxynivalenol Concentration: 0.5ppm

No longer available


A mycotoxin Quality Control Material naturally contaminated with Deoxynivalenol (DON) at a concentration of 0.5ppm. This QCM was prepared in an ISO 9001 production facility and concentration(s) calculated in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory using HPLC and/or LC-MS/MS methodology. A certificate of analysis is included with every Quality Control Material purchased. All QCMs are thoroughly homogenized to 100% through 30 mesh (0.595mm) to ensure uniform contamination distribution of the analyte to represent the best estimate of the true value as obtained by one laboratory. Quality Control Materials are conveniently packaged as 100g quantities in a resealable foil packet.

Certificate of Analysis