Matrix Based Quality Control Material heavy metals/minerals in premix, 100g, 5 parameters

  • This material (premix) represents a food/feed agricultural product commonly contaminated with five heavy metals.
  • It has been ground to a fine consistency and thoroughly homogenized to ensure uniform distribution of the parameters: Manganese [Mn], Iron [Fe], Cobalt [Co], Copper [Cu], Zinc [Zn].
  • Method of reference: ICP -OES (equivalent to NEN-EN 15510).
  • This material is an ISO 17034 accredited Quality Control Material, not a Certified Reference Material (CRM).
  • TRILOGY Europe is ISO/IEC 17034 accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA), number R003. The parameters in this certificate are within the scope of the accreditation.


A contaminated, ISO 17034 accredited, Quality Control Material containing Manganese [Mn], Iron [Fe], Cobalt [Co], Copper [Cu], Zinc [Zn] in a feed premix matrix and ground to (1 mm) and homogenized.
Material packaged in 100g resealable foil packs.

Certificate of Analysis