2012 Mycotoxin Roulette

Mycotoxin-Roulette-Poster This poster presents information about the unpredictability of mycotoxin contamination in cereal grains.

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Botanicals Poster Determination of Aflatoxins in various botanicals by Liquid Chromatography with Fluorescence Detection

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Extraction Presentation

Botanicals_Poster_2008 Efficiency of various solvents in the extraction of Aflatoxin from naturally contaminated Cottonseed Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Corn Gluten Feed, and Dried Distillers Grain.

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Ochratoxin Extraction

Extraction_Presentation_Poster_aflatoxinEfficiency of various solvents in the extraction of Ochratoxin A from naturally contaminated wheat and corn.

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Single Kernel

Single_Kernel_Poster_2008Determination of Deoxynivalenol and Zearalenone in single kernels from a highly contaminated corn sample.

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Spice Presentation

Spice_Presentation_Poster_2006Determination of Aflatoxins and Ochratoxin A in various spices by Liquid Chromatography with Fluorescence Detection.

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Citrinin by HPLC and LCMSMS

Citrinin Poster 2016Quantitative analysis of Citrinin by HPLC and LCMSMS utilizing immunoaffinity purification.

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Endotoxin Binders

Endotoxin Poster 2016Adsorption and desorption capabilities of an aluminum silicate analysis for endotoxins.

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