Technical Expertise - Group PhotoAt Trilogy, we understand the results you receive from your contract laboratory represent much more than simply a data point on a results certificate. Our technical expertise and in depth background in food and feed safety testing allows us to provide our clients with proven analytical solutions for all sample types.

Our understanding of different methodologies and how they relate to specific samples enables us to provide guidance on testing strategies helping to optimize each individual client’s testing resources.Our analytical laboratory is consistently upgrading instrumentation, installing new technology and researching new ways to ensure the highest quality data is available to our clients. Our quality procedures have consistently set the standard for other laboratories for data acceptance. The policies and procedures we have in place for confirmation of positive or suspect results are some of the strictest in the industry. We go to great lengths to ensure that all methods and instruments are suitable for the samples we receive, and that all unusual sample matrices are handled to ensure meaningful detection limits and complete and clear chromatography. Additionally, we take pride in providing more than simply analytical results. Our commitment to understanding the analytical areas we serve ensures that we can provide information to help our clients understand their individual results and can successfully apply that knowledge to specific situations.

The Trilogy expertise doesn’t stop with equipment and methods. Each of our chemists are extensively trained in each specific Trilogy Method and must demonstrate analytical competence on known samples prior to being certified. Our corporate culture has been developed to foster long term staff. By retaining excellent scientists, your experience with our laboratory meets the same superior standards we set, year after year.

Trilogy Analytical Laboratory’s mission is to provide the food and feed industry with independent laboratory analytical services that are the highest quality achievable, accurate and timely while also meeting or exceeding our client’s expectations.
Trilogy’s vision is to be the leader in food and feed safety analytical testing. We strive to offer advanced technology, technical expertise for all segments of each industry we serve, and to continually improve our quality, processes, and knowledge base through research, study and collaboration. Our corporate environment will be one that fosters the highest customer service as well as an atmosphere that cultivates growth for the Trilogy staff.
Our commitment to our clients is at the heart of our corporate values. Accurate and timely results are as important to us as they are to you. Each staff member at Trilogy understands that decisions made based on the results we provide carry immense physical, financial, staffing and strategic ramifications.

Since 1999, our commitment to Quality, Turnaround, Analytical Excellence, Honesty and Customer Service have been, and continue to be the foundation of our business.

We adhere to the highest standards for ethics and integrity. Every staff member at Trilogy is a valued and trusted part of our team. We strive to provide individualized and specific training as well as support and enrichment opportunities for each Trilogy staff member. Trilogy’s management philosophy encourages our staff to flourish to their highest potential as well as empower them to make decisions that support and reinforce our core values.

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