Customized Quality Programs

Trilogy Analytical Laboratory now offers a unique customized quality program for our corporate clients. Our customized mycotoxin quality program will include daily mycotoxin reference materials, proficiency programs, along with other customized services!

Trilogy will tailor a company-wide mycotoxin quality program to best suit your needs. To prevent mycotoxin problems from being released into the food and feed market, proper controls must be in place even in low mycotoxin years. Using reference material with every testing run will ensure results are being produced accurately and can also help signal when issues arise. With vast knowledge of the use of reference materials in our own laboratory, Trilogy can help establish proper procedures for use in your company.

Company-wide proficiency programs are a perfect addition to your quality program as well. Each analyst will be required to perform testing on a blind reference material supplied by Trilogy. Once all samples have been tested Trilogy will compile the data and present all findings. These programs are great ways to initiate corrective actions that may need to take place and determine if additional training may be necessary.

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