Custom Manufacturing

Trilogy Analytical Laboratory provides custom chemical blending, labeling and packaging services which include: proprietary custom blended pH chemical buffers, mycotoxin purification columns, extraction kits, and filtering devices.

Working to match your needs, our experienced technical staff can cost effectively blend and package an existing product formula or formulate a new product for a new application. Each project is handled professionally with total confidentiality and our strict quality-control procedures ensure product quality and consistency. Trilogy has qualified for the ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Standard. Registration to the ISO 9001 means our business has established a comprehensive production system to ensure quality.

We specialize in small volume blending and packaging of dry powders or liquids. Small to medium size production runs on manual or semiautomatic filling. We are able to fill a wide range of packaging styles from grams or ounces to liters and gallons. We can fill quantities as low as 1000 or 50,000 pieces.

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