Custom Reference Standard

Along with Trilogy’s stock mycotoxin standards, customized standard mixes are also available. Concentration levels, mycotoxin mixes, and quantities can all be tailored to suit your specific testing needs.

All of our custom standards meet the same strict quality control parameters as our stock standards and will also include a Certificate of Analysis. Depending on the specific mycotoxins of interest, custom standards are usually produced within 5-7 business days.

Customized analytical standards are utilized in a variety of different instances with a variety of different methods. Requesting a custom standard that can be used directly as received provides an immediately traceable component for analytical work. This makes ISO documentation seamless. Ordering exact custom standards minimizes waste and improves efficiency in laboratories.

Trilogy can offer guidance on solvent compatibility to ensure your custom standard is accurate and stable. Each standard is individually prepared, analyzed, checked and reviewed prior to final certification.

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